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Avoiding a Purging (Dawnborn)back

2019/09/13 13:45, Samurai:   
First comment!!

Wtf is this?

2019/09/13 14:49, Gimilzagar:   
Dear diary: 'Today I learned that every single room in that shithole is portable, even the closables that needs key' Jokes on me mume, you got me good once again!

A sidenote. I survived 2hp earlier vs two pukes with deep wound, slow and cold and no mount at first.

2019/09/13 16:27, Jen:   
But you had an eagle......and your a puke mage!

2019/09/13 20:18, Zintilden:   
Dawnborn - I also run from this BN. :D

2019/09/14 01:21, Dawnborn:   
Surviving 2hp... holy fuck. Lowest I've gotten to and survived was like 7.

Jen, yes eagle and puke mage and playing with nowhere near a full deck. The whole thing was more amusing siting there nearly asleep with a heavily fogged brain. OTOH it's not like there is a lot of posting going on anyway *shrug*


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