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How we treat these charmers (Bonden)back

2019/06/27 18:07, Fieldy:  Rated: Good 
Really liked that it had a happy ending!

2019/06/27 18:42, Bardock:  Rated: Good 
mi gusta

2019/06/27 18:42, Bardock:  Rated: Good 
mi gusta

2019/06/27 18:50, Shaukr:Rated: Good 
Puke combos are pretty great, so I liked this.

2019/06/28 03:47, Kuzbhur:Rated: Average 
I'll be waiting for you tomorrow. I hope you don't disappoint me

2019/06/28 09:48, Elceser:Rated: Superb 
Great log!

2019/06/28 11:35, Bonden: 
Kuzbhur is that comment directed at me?

If you are trying to arrange some kind of rendezvous with me I'm afraid I will have to disappoint. Not sure exactly what you are getting at but:
a) I am happily married
b) I'm not into prearranged fair fights. That's like my least favorite thing ever

If I happen to come across you in the field though I'd be happy to conduct further research on the effects that hammers have on dwarves.

2019/06/28 14:36, Kuzbhur:Rated: Average 
Was trying to make an RP comment, not something to be taken seriously :) Just a combo that wants a shot at the champ.

2019/06/28 15:11, Bonden: 
Haha ok. Well hopefully you will get your shot soon. Under completely spontaneous and un-arranged circumstances of course :)

2019/06/30 19:00, Samurai:  Rated: Good 
Wonder what Nunaldar was doing there--if I entered with two eagles I would be spamming 'order followers sleep,' not 'kill bonden.'

2019/07/01 14:16, Bonden: 
Yeah idk Samurai but that was a pleasant surprise for sure. I was fully expecting to die.

2019/07/02 22:15, Bungo:Rated: Good 
Not bad. But as 'archwhitie' i like Your Aelihel/Khelak logs more. As someone who often is surfing in random logs, i can guarantee that at least 66% of them are from dark side. Gets boring if you root for other team to win. :-)

2019/07/07 06:15, Enforcer:  Rated: Good 
Eagle probably instahit before being able to be ordered to sleep.

2019/07/12 04:58, Nunaldar:   
yaya made it in another log.


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