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2019/06/10 14:10, Padan:  Rated: Superb 
Great fight! I loved the panic in the beginning lol. You got so lucky with what I'm assuming was a quick quake.

Zaugurz Ho!

2019/06/10 14:23, Benedictus:  Rated: Superb 
Loved it

2019/06/10 16:57, Ena:   
That ending seems very familiar!

2019/06/10 17:36, Bardock:  Rated: Good 
very nice I like.

2019/06/10 18:13, Shaukr: 
How many awful-shooting-end zorclogs will it take before we address the epidemic of armor loss, one of the leading killers of the elderly, disabled, and elves (who are both)?!

2019/06/10 22:16, Dong:  Rated: Superb 
I think I had one last stored quake to deliver, but didn't type it for some reason, instead trying to land a (normal) burn... I blame hubris

2019/06/12 21:41, Torkild:Rated: Good 
Like it. Shoulda never had that chance, but I'm sure he regrets quaking his charmies for no reason

2019/06/13 06:59, Veld:  Rated: Superb 
take that, a grimm dongers!

2019/06/17 05:02, Mohegan:  Rated: Superb 


 Superb Atalante, Benedictus, Faine, Fidel, Frostwolf, Kyndill, Mohegan, Padan, Singleton 
 Good Bardock, Fieldy, Praska, Torkild 
 Average Baratheon, Dreag, Enforcer, Ghanic, Khelak, Snarp 
 Poor Telessar 
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