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2019/06/03 14:08, Brundeor:   
Was still curious afterwards how you were able to walk away from this.

Really ballsy charge without knowing whats in there. I really didnt understood that my teammates just died instantly somehow.

And I had no idea at the time that the warrior in our group was such a coward and just tried to bash my block and actually got out instead of fighting back. As a result I was aggro for way too long in there when I should have played defensively.

Gonna stick to playing solo, cause this was just a free win for you guys when it should have been a sure defeat.

2019/06/03 16:20, Harpy: 
I didn't walk away, I ran like hell on 12 hps haha!

*Man* bashed the block on the door after all died and I just took the opportunity to run away cause I didn't know how much backup was waiting.

Yea - we are very lucky *Man* got blocked out, otherwise we were toast!

To be honest - we were expecting you to scatter and flee out the door, not block! Thanks for the fight, I was very close to death.

2019/06/03 16:44, Lozen:Rated: Average 
Man bails immediately and pukes block door knowing their group is 1 short... Congrats to zorcs

2019/06/03 17:04, Baratheon:Rated: Average 
Nah don't go solo. Use this as an opportunity to learn. I assume you were leading Brundeor? Have a little pre-game chat with people you don't normally play with. Here is what we do if jumped, here is your specific task. Please all stay with me etc etc. Gives your group confidence and can avoid these fish in a barrel fights.

2019/06/04 02:57, Padan:  Rated: Superb 
Don't give away the secrets, Baratheon, panic is my lifeblood!

2019/06/04 18:14, Brundeor:   
Bara: Group was litterally created 1 minute before zaugs arrived, with ppl I did not know. I joined in to help that very man who ran away to kill WC.

The first chat was more or less one in group asking me to block, and so I did at once before they zaugs had the chance to get away.

This should have been an indicator for that man to stay one could argue? 4v2 kinda a nobrainer, no matter the groups levels even If I had been the only legend, which I wasnt.

What I do can learn from this is not to have any confidence at all in in others, and never assume anything, thus playing solo unless I know the player. Which is how I have played for the vast majority of the time anyway, so no big change really.

I've had alot of groups with random ppl saying 'Hey im no good in pk etc, or dont expect too much'. And yet more often then not, those people outperform their own statements. And even if they would suck I wouldnt mind at all as long as they communicate, and not simply abandoning you while having full hps without a single word.

As I barely lost anything to this death, its not about items xp or anything but the principle.

Pukes are just too pampered and have too many safety nets, awarding bad plays. Maybe if they didnt to the same extent people would have learned to walk before they run (away).

Catch you on the flip side.

2019/06/04 19:29, Mohegan:   
I can honestly say I was going into that unsure of the outcome, as we saw 4 upon entrance. I was surprised to even see a block.

Panic is what allowed us to win in my honest opinion. Thanks for the fun.

2019/06/05 08:35, Bardock:  Rated: Awful 
so you slap a bunch of goblin boi xpers and post it in notables.... shit log shit rating it shall get.

2019/06/05 13:59, Padan:  Rated: Superb 
Get hit by a bus.

2019/06/07 03:21, Bardock:  Rated: Awful 
I am not trying to be rude, sorry if your triggered but honest question, since when is jumping panicked clueless xpers notable? would of been good for other logs. : sorry if you don't like that.

2019/06/07 22:47, Krosa:Rated: Good 
Bardock, literally nobody cares about your opinion. Please save yourself the trouble and stop posting. Maybe you could use all the extra time to learn how to write your native language properly?

Harpy thanks for posting something.

2019/06/07 23:55, Padan:  Rated: Superb 
In addition to what Krosa said, don't forget to get hit by a bus.

2019/06/08 02:19, Bardock:  Rated: Awful 
see the thing is, this forum gives me the ability to express my opinion regardless of any oppressive force against me or otherwise triggered butt hurt cry babies. Deal with it. I say it like it is. I liked your logs, I comment good things. I see a log in notables that's clearly not notable, I have the ability to express myself. If you don't like it, go back to the gulag from which you came.

2019/06/08 02:46, Krosa:Rated: Good 
Nobody is triggered buddy. That's your imagination. I'm just saying you are dull and nobody cares about your opinion. That's all.

2019/06/08 03:12, Bardock:  Rated: Awful 
Do you think I made my posts in regards to anyone caring about my opinion? Do you think before I typed what I was going to typed I even considered for a second what other people would say think or care? LOL you truly are blessed my friend. <3

2019/06/08 03:40, Krosa:Rated: Good 
No, it's clear that you never consider anything before you speak. Listen.. all I'm saying is maybe you should consider finding another hobby?

2019/06/08 04:07, Bardock:  Rated: Awful 
nope , I am actually content shit posting on here, not worried about if you are content with it , thank god for that! Blessing of jesus upon you my son.

2019/06/08 13:19, Padan:  Rated: Superb 
I don't know if you were aware of this, but I'd like for you to get hit by a bus.

2019/06/10 01:50, Brundeor:   
I 'love' how almost none of the comments are about the log. And yeah, now after the bitterness has washed away from me, I actually relalized that that -Man- that ran away was a newbie, so all is good in the lands of the living.


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