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2018/08/14 20:28, Boltok:   
Thanks for fight and time to retire now.

2018/08/14 23:15, Vaelrin:Rated: Average 
Boltok hasn't played for ages, he was obviously rusty.

2018/08/15 02:22, Samurai:  Rated: Good 
Nice fight, enjoyed it.

Next time please show us the loot?

Boltok, no stored quake?

(Haiku comments ho!)

2018/08/15 05:36, Mischievous:   
If he hasn't played for ages then that makes two of us. Yesterday he was pretty nimble when he killed me in SD jailer tho.

Looking at the log it was a seriously lucky win. Could have died on multiple occasions.

Loot was mage set with shining chain, gleaming, manaring. Took what I lacked and left the rest.

2018/08/15 16:47, Resin:Rated: Superb 
No qspells like mm or burning hands? Thought for sure they were coming after that smoke. Good fight tho. Congrats on win

2018/08/15 19:59, Elceser:Rated: Superb 
Holy crap! What a nailbiting good log. Can't believe you didn't rip :) Good job!

2018/08/16 06:49, Faine:Rated: Superb 
Nice one! You did quite many mistakes that should have killed you in middle of log, but somehow you lived to end :)

2018/08/16 16:56, Enforcer:  Rated: Good 
The thing that puzzled me was, why not use that mana u had for a quickbolt in the end, instead of the charmie. Wouldnt that have made it quicker :)

2018/08/17 14:28, Bungo:Rated: Average 
There was nothing about haiku in Samurais comment and he should know it.

As log goes, average.

2018/08/19 06:59, Bardock:  Rated: Good 
good shit

2018/08/21 11:16, Glaurog:Rated: Superb 
Thriller log, good read!

2018/08/21 15:07, Baratheon:Rated: Good 
Found myself very triggered by you not re-armouring. But it worked!

2018/08/22 04:56, Mischievous:   
Have you seen how long a level 25 bn casts armor? And I was also expecting Boltok to have scrolls so didn't want to give any breathing room.

2018/08/22 22:29, Baratheon:Rated: Good 
Not saying it was the wrong move. I was just waiting for a stiff breeze to kill you at the end.

2018/09/03 23:16, Drogtash: 
What enforcer said

2019/02/18 01:27, Valaphel:   
Fun log!

I too was curiously bothered by the decision not to re-armour, but it worked out. Was surprised neither used mm or maybe a qbolt when both were awful and ~warmish. Seeing you awful and fainting at the end made me cringe. Good show.


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