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Pre-work PK for the masses (Dethklok)back

2018/08/01 10:38, Dethklok: 
On a side note Zimrathon had blocked an already blocked backdoor and blocked front before entering

2018/08/01 10:44, Zimrathon:Rated: Superb 
Less than an hour after logging on after being away some time you invite me to this <3 and I'm in this log so I can only rate it:

First did block on already blocked rockdoor from outside and then towerdoor, so I'm half mana as fight begins for my part. Smoke took me to frozen. Had the purple scroll gone through on fine, full shining level 65 Dwarf I doubt we'd be able to finish this!

2018/08/01 10:45, Kakao:   
awesome! :) and nice loot!

2018/08/01 10:45, Kakao:   
awesome! :) and nice loot!

2018/08/01 12:16, Glasya:  Rated: Superb 
Nice work!

2018/08/01 15:10, Colombo:   
Had throgg not ate a bash ? or my stored spray's not got LOS on deathklok... ya. Really did not expect throgg to be dead that fast.

2018/08/01 23:09, Bardock:edited 1x  Rated: Awful 
rating awful cause Dethklok is a glorified pussy. He only has balls when PK Daddies like Zimrathon step in otherwise hes a coward full of poontang. Now that he has shining metal I expect even worse :D

2018/08/01 23:10, Madox:   
I agree with bardock. Bardock is noble and courageous. He would never wait for others to clean up his mess.

2018/08/01 23:30, Bardock:edited 2x  Rated: Awful 
I was not commenting on what took place in this log, I was commenting on the 20x fights we tried to get Dethklok to participate in with even numbers but his large vagina apparently made him trip when he came to fight and he ran back home. This log just shows all you need is a PK daddy to get balls :D and whos a bigger PK daddy then Bogger? Glad I samsideded his ass on puke for looting my ohurk cause he 'needed it more then me' what a douche ya?

any how this log belongs in other log section, nothing notable about it at all.

By all means plz continue your awesome log posts of you quaking lvl 13s to death, those are so enjoyable.

2018/08/01 23:59, Dethklok: 
I got 3 #Bardock's on my trophy in 1 session this past weekend and this is the thanks I get? Ungrateful little shit. And you say I don't fight you.... :D

2018/08/02 01:12, Bardock:Rated: Awful 
lol you force me to do drastic things to get a fight from you. So what you killed my char 3X in a day? Most of those were from me stupidly trying to reloot myself inside of HC where you and 3 other tards sat against 2 and wouldnt budge. You only prove my point reflecting on these things. Why do you keep posting shit logs only? Ask yourself that? The last logs you posted involve overkillling, killing lowbies and now this pile of shit in notables. Grow some fucking balls man, this game has enough wimpy cunts like you, we dont need anymore. With that being said, I actually have nothing against you personally only your pathetic play style. Your basically an XPER now, not the fighter from WAY back when.

2018/08/02 01:16, Dethklok:edited 1x   
Lol well if you'd quit fighting me then maybe I wouldn't be an XPER anymore
EDIT: if you know what I mean ;)

2018/08/02 01:25, Bardock:Rated: Awful 
rofl good luck man, sad to see your armed revolution didnt pan out ROFL. Dont forget I havent forgotten your pots in ARGLE. Lol funny guy you are but then again, so am I :)

2018/08/02 01:25, Bardock:Rated: Awful 
rofl good luck man, sad to see your armed revolution didnt pan out ROFL. Dont forget I havent forgotten your pots in ARGLE. Lol funny guy you are but then again, so am I :)

2018/08/02 01:42, Madox:Rated: Superb 
Bardock dont take that from him, you are more cunning that that!

2018/08/02 11:45, Madox:Rated: Superb 
wait a sec. Bardock arn't you that really weak player that lure's darkies and sleep taps, massivley overkills and gac's everyone? now your calling out people who wont take a fight with you on your terms?

what a silly little cry baby

2018/08/02 14:15, Samurai:  Rated: Good 
Good log. Pity the comments devolved into bardockery.

2018/08/02 14:36, Dethklok: 
Agree samurai. I saw where I was going with my comments last night and decided to just stop. Sorry to the readers

2018/08/03 00:17, Bardock:Rated: Awful 
nope , thats not me. Show me one single proof of any of that. You wont be able too. Il wait.

2018/08/03 03:41, One:   
Bardock and honor? How many afk kills did you get with Zepir in noc? From my experience, anytime I wouldn’t fight on your terms you would just spam yells at me bc I wouldn’t enter your trap. From your posts here and they way you act on Mume I would have guessed you were about 12yrs old. As for proof about sleep trap, in your own log you said you wanted to sleep both orcs. You didn’t want to fight, you were not expecting Hughes to block. You wanted to sleep and then overkill each orc separately. In my books that’s a lame ass trap. If you had focused on killing the orcs instead of using thorough sleep spells when they were bashed you may have managed to kill all 4.

Sorry for adding to the bardockery posts. Nice log, I liked it!

2018/08/03 13:54, Zambin:Rated: Good 
Mithfalen just rated this log... wait not the log, he rated the person awful. Well tbh Mith, you are the one that ruined the log.
You just came out of nowhere looking for a fight to satisfy your own pity need for attention.
You say you have grown from what you used to be. Can't see it...

About the log, I guess it would had turned out the other way around had Zimrathon not interrupted purple :P

2018/08/03 14:25, Bardock:Rated: Awful 
this site is boring enough as it is, why not spice it up with some rivalry and revelry? Dont take me to serious.

2018/08/04 00:02, Bardock:Rated: Awful 
btw Apol to Dethklok. I may have misjudged. Il admit when im wrong.

2018/10/09 12:45, Torkild:Rated: Poor 
One of the few times you realize you're wrong perhaps.


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