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It's a trap! (Dent)back

2018/07/24 23:03, Torkild: 
Looked like a fun fight. However poor casters. you looked afk 3/4 of the fight.

2018/07/25 00:13, Resin:Rated: Good 
Was a great fight. Gained a level in my first solo charge and didn't lose it from the 2 deaths that followed. Went from 1 wp to 15 wps. Had a blast. Was hoping for a repop

2018/07/25 00:24, Slayah:Rated: Superb 
Wicked fun looking fight!

Best part:

Faeona narrates 'any troll just kill'

2018/07/25 02:27, Bardock:Rated: Superb 
was most fun I had in mume in ages even tho I ripped 3-4x so rating superb :D

2018/07/25 14:25, Faeona:Rated: Superb 
My favorite part:

A horse of the Rohirrim (tim) is surrounded by a white aura.
Faeona creates a noxious cloud around a horse of the Rohirrim (tim)!

Either Faeona is a true animal lover or that was an epic labelling fuck up. *facepalm*

2018/07/25 19:21, Samurai:  Rated: Good 
Fun! Glad to see so many players there.

2018/07/25 20:19, Squeegee:  edited 1x  Rated: Superb 
I had a blast (if you couldn't tell by my team comms). Props to Faeona for controlling the opening with blinds and heal scrolls on Dent. Game changer. Big tip of the cap to the relentless, bloodthirsty trolls.

2018/07/26 17:49, Marok:   
Honestly, didn't even read the log yet. Just wanted to see if Squeegee was in a BBT log, as I don't recognize them otherwise.

Squeegee's love BBT.

2018/07/27 14:53, Vaelrin:Rated: Poor 
The absolute wimpiness of these retarded pukes and shitty targeting by trolls made my eyes and brain bleed.


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