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2018/06/26 20:40, Telessar:  Rated: Awful 

2018/06/26 20:50, Ugurz:   
I very rarely look at my trophy .. a friend and I were chatting about old times and whatnot and it was cool seeing all of the old names in the list. Like a character archive of sorts. :)

2018/06/26 20:59, Mafaz: 
your trophy made me check mines... sucks decayed ones disappear tho

2018/06/26 21:04, Elizalde:  Rated: Superb 
I was having issues in my old age recalling names and who was who, and who may still be around. 8) Thanks pal!

2018/06/26 21:47, Aranaeth: 
Whoever came up with that saying: 'My head is not a trash can....'

Because it obviously is, i recognize at least 4/5 of the char names. Been at least some 8 years since pretty much any of this had any relevance to me.

I bet ill remember all this mume shit even on my deathbed.

2018/06/27 02:29, Faeona: 
Poor pMhoghedin and pUtred... :(

2018/06/27 22:54, Eldaril: 
No pGray = InstaFail :D

2018/06/28 05:56, Bardock:Rated: Awful 
rating awful this log awful, you have been a negative influence in the active PK realm.

2018/06/28 14:18, Bomboclat:   
Damn man! I wish I played Zaugurz 10 years ago and not now, Impressive trophy and so much exps it must have generated :)

And for the record, Bardock, if you ever tried out playing a legend Zaugurz you would know that being 'wimpy' (in accordance with your standards) is the only way to survive. Being solo online, having only a weak ass outpost that 2 darkies/pukes can solo, the risk of going mpless if you go below 100 hps (as you cant quaff your zdraughts then) makes Ugurz way of playing one of the few ways to be successful as a zaugurz scout. Or you maybe prefer trapping zaugurz?

I myself rarely bother going below 200 hps as I know Albrax/Elestir/whateverotherchar will show up with 3 followers, track me for 45mins 4 laps around arda, kill whole of zoc, close and bar all gates, being all sanced up and relying on my to run out of flasks or get me low enough to not being able to use my flasks. No no you got it all wrong dear sir Bardock. Remove Elestir from the game and zaugurz would not have to be 'wimpy'.

Idea. Why not clone the MUME server and make a brand new one for Elestir. There could be some other accounts logged in with linkless chars (the way Elestir prefers his enemies) and all the exp and smobs ready for the taking. Elestir and those who got their noses up his arse could play on that server and the rest of us could play the real thing. Elestir would be happy and everyone else would be waay better off. I do not think there's ever been a greater playerbase destruction than by Elestir, the morons following him for cheap eq, overkills and ld kills and his way of playing the game in general.

Maybe I should Idea this to the Ainus :o. If ppl heard that Elestir from now on would play on his own server and the rest of the players on the ordinary server I bet we could increase the playerbase by at least 20-30 % over a single day.

Conclusion; Ugurz playstyle, as many other zaugurz (including myself) is based on the fact that as soon as Elestir hears about a wounded/bad Zaugurz west of Ford he will not stop chasing us.

2018/06/29 11:36, Faine:Rated: Superb 
Bah.. not a single char of mine :/

2018/06/30 19:11, Bardock:Rated: Awful 
thats cause your a wimp, I go balls out every time. Born to die.

2018/07/02 02:20, Slayah: 
Bah.. WAY too many chars of mine :/

2018/07/05 15:06, Ortansia:  Rated: Awful 

2018/07/10 03:20, Bardock:edited 1x  Rated: Awful 
@Bomboclat, I actually have many Zaug legends, it has nothing to do with that. He is the same way on every char he plays regardless. Hes arguably the wimpiest player mume has ever had.

2018/07/10 11:05, Elestir:   
Bomboclat wrote: I myself rarely bother going below 200 hps as I know Albrax/Elestir/whateverotherchar will show up with 3 followers, track me for 45mins 4 laps around arda...

I would only do that vs as clueless target as yourself (the fact that you are clueless, is proven by your statement about 45 minutes). Clueful players know Zaugurz can get into Anduin (or any other safe place - not necessarily just ZOC) from anywhere way faster than that. (I just hope Anduin gets fixed someday, as it's ridiculous.)

Hence I wouldn't have likely chased e.g. Ugurz outside for long. I've once chased him in Moria with my cleric for like 30+ minutes though, and was considering giving up as it seemed futile, but then he failed some flees and ate a lucky (for me) bash from a huge stone troll and during that bash I managed to blind him and that was the beginning of his end. So sometimes persistence pays off even vs not as clueless targets...

2018/07/11 05:08, Trample: 
3, 0%, #Trample

lol :P

Props, Ugurz

2018/07/11 06:52, Bardock:Rated: Awful 
I think this log wins 'most rated awful' log. many people rated awful :D this is rare hahaha. proves my point.

2018/07/12 03:51, Redruth:   
Honored to be on it! *SALUTE*

2018/07/20 20:50, Genka:   
Where is he?

2018/11/27 08:19, Azan:  edited 1x   
How did I not make this list?!

Edit: Disregard, found a 1, 1 #Bregodun! =-P

2019/02/02 19:16, Boddah:   
Oh man, I am ALL over this trophy list! I think I might start playing again..


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