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Must...get...revenge! (Sardaukar)back

2018/04/30 16:01, Anathir:Rated: Good 
That cleave looks so good!

2018/04/30 16:46, Gabillak:Rated: Superb 

In the first part I thought: Just like myself, he is getting old ;-) But the second part was nearly like in the old times!

2018/05/01 09:44, Sardaukar: 
Yes, its been 16 RL years since I became uruk - that thought is scary.

2018/05/01 19:25, Bafo: 
loved the perseverance! lithes in 1 room are so op tho...

2018/05/02 11:48, Ruen: 
A good fun read!!! Thanks for posting! It is logs that keep me checking elvenrunes, and keep me logging in. Nice fight!

2018/05/04 07:40, Rael:Rated: Good 
Thanks i enjoyed it !

2018/05/04 08:04, Glaurog:Rated: Superb 
Lovely session!

2018/05/07 07:22, Faine:Rated: Superb 
Good read, ty!

2018/05/07 08:11, Nukafuka:Rated: Superb 
That insane ob that was hitting my scout in wimpy, without pb..the bns never stood a chance. Nice execution!


 Superb Cuantar, Faine, Gabillak, Glaurog, Khundin, Kyndill, Nukafuka, Xoone 
 Good Anathir, Fieldy, Kurnan, Madox, Rael 
 Average Dreag, Praska 
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