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2018/04/07 21:07, Tarhil:   
Waiting for dubhain to comment on this, or are you letting nimmeth do that for you aswell wimp? Utterly retarded playstyle if you ask me, but then again, this is not a game for those guys anymore.

2018/04/08 19:01, Cohen:   
The Baratheon's point is at least for me a key disadvantage of darkie side for years. You have very limited chance to be accepted to a group and even lower chance to use it for some exping or getting equip. The old wolfs are interested in some PK and grouping each other. So it will just force not to waste time and log some whitie and get some fun with others. And it is getting worse in time.

2018/04/14 15:57, Neko:   
Looked fun until Nimmeth showed up with his boring overkill squad.

What can be done to discourage this kind of play? Some dumb ideas:

1. Make shadow strength dependent on relative group sizes, such that someone being overkilled in this way spawns a really badass aggressive hunting shadow. Group size for this effect should be calculated based on number of players present in the zone on each side at time of death.

2. Change LoS. Make large groups suffer from LoS more often than small ones. If it's something like 5v3, it should be easy for the 3 to hit *someone* in the group of 5, even if not the intended target. The 5 would have to work harder to maneuver into position, or perhaps risk hitting a team mate. This effect should be very strong in an enclosed space, and weaker in the open.

3. In the books, darkies were generally weaker but had far superior numbers. When outnumbered, perhaps they should be able to call mobs to help them. Group size should be calculated as in (1) above, based on number of players of each side in the zone.

I perpetually play lowbies these days because I keep forgetting to retire during extended absences for rl stuff before they delete. It's annoying to be one of five players on and unable to xp (and relearn areas) without getting overkilled.


2018/04/16 23:15, Morzhel: 
Yeah, I am very late to my response but idgaf:)

Baratheon, yeah I 100% agree and have tried that, although not recently if I am being honest. But, when I do exp etc, those who jump me are normally some op Nimmeth group that has us out numbered 2-1. So I gave up. Only times you see me exping now is for re-eq, with exits broken. At least during certain hours :)

I was the only person on when I logged today. What are my choices? I bet there are +/- 20 pukes on? Is what it is, but I think the player side imbalance has a lot to do with the game dying. At least in my opinion it's dying. I give it a year and I think this will truly be exp mud. - Not that there is anything wrong with that, if it's what you like.

2018/04/17 04:02, Baratheon:Rated: Awful 
I know how you feel and it is ok that you respond late. I would just say, how about you play puke side and do smobs? And allow other players that switch sides (me) to jump you instead. I'm sure it is more fun to play dark side with Peter when he's playing and constantly jump people. What if you took your experience and lead less experienced puke players in PK? Maybe you would find the challenge you seek. I know you think that puke side is overpowered, so give yourself a handicap.

I must admit, I'm saying all this while barely playing. A couple hours a week at the moment, but I'll try to play dark side when I come back.

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