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Superwobbit!!! (Pogo)back

2018/03/28 12:41, Orlanth:Rated: Superb 
Hehe great ending, was nasty pop. Good use of scrolls too.

2018/03/28 17:27, Pogo: 
Just pointing out that the log title 'Superhobbit' is obviously an exaggeration ;). Thanks Orlanth, you are participating in a chance to win a special clump of Hobbit toehair!

2018/03/28 17:34, Torkild:Rated: Average 
Thanks for the read. More logs

2018/03/28 18:23, Baratheon:  Rated: Good 
I love the fights that start with getting blocked in first and figuring out the rest later.

2018/03/28 21:15, Vaelrin:Rated: Superb 
See laul hakkas peas k6lama selle logi peale: [submitted link]

2018/03/28 21:34, Yks:Rated: Good 
gj sir

2018/03/30 12:39, Zimrathon:Rated: Superb 
So the BN basically died butchering a mule. That is a disgrace!

2018/03/30 14:39, Nero:Rated: Good 
It was obviously not beginning because it was hungry and had no food. It looks bad here but if it had worked the move would look pretty smart.

2018/03/30 14:41, Nero:Rated: Good 
Beginning -> Regenning

2018/03/30 14:48, Roadkill:Rated: Superb 
Nice one. Thanks for posting.

Moar logs, please!

2018/07/16 22:59, Dunmir:   
Hey where does the nimble blade load?


 Superb Cebol, Cuantar, Frostwolf, Orlanth, Roadkill, Vaelrin, Zimrathon 
 Good Baratheon, Dagor, Faine, Fieldy, Khundin, Nero, Susu, Ton, Yks 
 Average Bardock, Ghanic, Madox, Marillion, Naralon 
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