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2017/05/23 18:29, Torkild:Rated: Poor 
Woulda rated it much higher if it wasnt for the cut part you died in :) Comf Narugil, he fought really well imo

2017/05/23 19:36, Shorgarath: 
Well, didnt want to leave the fight because it was huuuuge (even with all the editing by Narugil you can see in his log) and removing completely woulda kinda denied an important factor of the log!

Shrug, fight was fun, there were plenty of mistakes on both parts!

2017/05/29 08:25, Björn: 
Isn't Fratus pNator? =)


 Superb Singleton 
 Good Baratheon, Faine, Fieldy, Joed, Madox, Merarl, Naron, Roadkill 
 Poor Torkild 
 Awful Jeraziah, Telessar, Vidgri 
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