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Weak and Powerless again (Cthulhu)back

2017/02/15 23:34, Zepir:  edited 1x  Rated: Superb 
congrats I never see Hildifons die, he is pretty good and crafty. It would of been funny if the other darkies ended up freeing him by bashing stone tho :D

SUPERB because no one ever kills Hildi

Cthulhu you are like the king of killing players that are hard to kill :D

2017/02/16 00:16, Acidevil:  Rated: Superb 
We almost bashed stone cause we figured he was losing.

2017/02/16 07:00, Voiinskreiz: 
I don't get it.
Whats the point of charging a bn with 2 charmed eagles who has 2 charmed lithes + who has a 'safe spot' with a pretty tough buffer without stored quakes? Is it ballsy or stupid charge?

Anyway bn was in no way in danger since 2 fellows were waiting and ready to enter the fight if he starts to lose the fight....

2017/02/16 09:56, Snort: 
Fighting vs 2 lithes..share opinion with Voiinskreiz..its either ballsy or stupid, cant decide. Not sure what hildi was trying to pull in there, but it failed horribly, as expected. :)

Gz on kill!

Cant give a good rating, in good conscience, to a lithe kill so will refrain from rating.

2017/02/16 09:58, Zepir:  Rated: Superb 
hobbit could of easily won, dont discourage people taking brave fights. Some of the best logs come from fights that should not be won. We do not need that environment in MUME :D , hobbit could of quick blinded lithes and BN would of been toast vs 2 eagles. Hobbit also had two rocks and many scrolls etc. I dont know what happened but that fight could of easily went both ways IMO.

Fight all the fights! Increase the PK!

2017/02/16 12:16, Cohen:   
I think Hildifons was close to manaless from the start - at least one block on stone and 2 breaks, slab and rubble. So it was a bit suicidal mission when bn has already 2 lithes charmed, Thrakghash alive and some mana left so he lost one eagle.

2017/02/16 13:17, Snort: 
@Zepir: There's a fine line between brave and stupid and there are players that would pull some amazing stunts from time to time, even when crossing that line.. Statistically, you are bound to end up like hildi if you push your luck. Hildi played his part and did what he could, but odds were against him, should have bailed out, or even better, not take the fight in the first place, without a better plan (than hitting dead his lithes with eagles).

2017/02/16 13:32, Glasya:  Rated: Superb 
I would tend to believe in this fight, the lithe's may have some armour absorption. The concept with bn's is to keep them mobile except when fighting in wnoc. Mobility typically involves stripping them down. They do not do that terrible with some abs and can hold off an eagle long enough to keep mana on the target. Also there was a risk, but not a guarantee to be 2 lithes in there charmed and ready. Great log.

2017/02/16 13:50, Algroth: 
Zepir trying to give advice to people about discouraging poisonous environments.. kind of ironic, gave me a chuckle.

Hildifons looked like he was drunk or maybe thought he was playing a dwarf or something :) only one outcome 1 hobbit vs all those bashing mobs :p

2017/02/16 17:24, Zepir:  Rated: Superb 
ya mume has enough pussies the last thing we need is people discouraging PK because of so called calculated ODDS. fight could of easily gone both ways regardless of what you master tacticians think. With quick blinds the fight could of easily been won by hobbit.

2017/02/16 17:50, Merarl:Rated: Good 
I think Algroth was referring to non-Mume arglebargle...

2017/02/16 18:18, Zepir:  Rated: Superb 
Yea Merarl , I am aware I was ignoring it because this is discussion of a log and not arglebargle.

2017/02/16 20:48, Cohen:   
I think current crew will pk as they do regardless our comments, but in case there is some newcomer who reads it - it is pretty good idea to say this is not exactly the way how you should drive your pk encounter.
Yes, go in wnoc, check the bn there, but in case it has already charmed lithes, you lost one eagle, you have icy mana, you are solo and other darkies are around => then it is not usually the best strategy just to: stay there, unable to do any harm to bn; die and be fully looted in case you can get out (you have rocks in backpack and you blocked and pre-spent rest of your mana on breaking other exits) and try to fight with better plan. :-)

2017/02/16 21:13, Telessar:  Rated: Good 

This was a 50/50 fight on paper which I would've put my money on Hildifons even if low mana. Not a great showing by BN though, insta asking for help like that.

2017/02/16 21:47, Zepir:  Rated: Superb 
Damn right me and Telessar agreeing, Mithfalen and Gelmir friendship????? One can only dream <3

Hildi is high level and a good player etc

highly agree with the 50/50, it didnt really seem like Hildi really fought back much the log is confusing as to what he was trying to do but yea.

2017/02/17 01:09, Vaelrin:Rated: Superb 
soumoen plz halp xpen bn chur fer mi pl0x jes

2017/02/17 16:58, Cthulhu: 
I had to assume he had 5 quakes and mana to use them... In which case I've lost every time I've taken that fight with lithes. All he had to do was hit his eagle awake and he had me easy. I had no mana to resleep or nuke anything. Hindsight is 20/20. I dropped shining gleaming circlet staff etc because he never loots me when I die. I will however be gaccing most pukes and certainly anyone online the same time as fastoph. :) Volcram will be burnt as well ;)

2017/02/17 18:40, Snort: 
No way in hell that was a 50-50.
Hildi was maneless.
Hildi had no stored quakes or mana to cast his stored quakes.
Hildi is a cleric-mage combo with poor defense (not enough to tank lithes, as we clearly see in this log). He was also wearing shining mails, not the greatest absorb vs lithes, once armor drops.
BN had safe-ish room with friendly mobs and door.
He also found out at the beginning of the fight that bn has 2 lithes.

He was aware of all these things but decided to take on the bn with his 2 eagles and his scrolls/powders, anyways.

Lithes have good protect, good hp pool to tank, top speed bash, and are aggro, while eagles are just tanks/aggro hitters (Hildi ate 5 bashes, for crying out loud). The outcome should have been clear, from hildi's point of view at least. Even Cthulhu is saying above he thought Hildi had a better plan (5 quakes, mana, i.e.).

@Cthulhu: We gotta set a trap for Fastolph. You can have his hoard, i'll just take the shining metals!

2017/02/17 19:12, Zepir:  Rated: Superb 
Snort!!!!!! It was totes 50-50 :D

2017/02/17 19:24, Telessar:  Rated: Good 
Get BN to come up with 2 lithes, block niche, use your eagles to hit lithes dead. Easy.

Hildi f*cked up by letting eagle get slept down and then decided to block niche without waking it up.

2017/02/17 20:12, Snort: 
@Telessar: Lets agree to disagree. Its easier said than done. Even if bn would let him doit, 2 lithes vs 2 eagles and hildi being manaless...not 50-50 no matter how you look at it. A bash landed on Hildi and bn could easily sleep his eagle(s) or nuke hildi or many ways to loose the fight and only 1 unsure path to victory :)

2017/02/17 20:28, Telessar:  Rated: Good 
Sure let's agree to disagree :p last thing tho: the log clearly shows he's low mana, not manaless and secondly you say bn could've slept mobs...well hobbit could've qblinded lithes too.

2017/02/18 00:42, Horast: 
I quit till I hear news that pGorkamon has been treated appropriately for stabbing a warlord dead from 750 hps linkdead. was only linkdead for 3 mins max and I was dead. then he loots me on top of it. ex-communicate him.

2017/02/18 20:36, Britney:Rated: Awful 
Gz pussy.

nar hildi wnoc
O CW Mana:Hot>
nar help?

Acidevil narrates 'shud i enter'
nar yes
O CW HP:Fine Mana:Hot>

2017/02/18 21:08, Zepir:  Rated: Superb 
rofl! Britney makes me giggle.

2017/02/19 21:47, Snort: 
@Telessar: That would turn the tides, true. Given the bn was nice enough to let him blind and Hildi had enough mana to both blind and block bn's semisafe room, all that while trying to stay alive vs 2 hard hitting lithes. Not saying its impossible...seen more amazing shit pulled off before..just wont give it a 50-50 :D

2017/02/19 23:42, Vaelrin:Rated: Superb 
But why is noone enforcing name policies anymore btw?

Could as well name myself 'Tamponlord' and run around like a twat I am.

2017/02/20 04:35, Cthulhu: 
@p.britney spears.. give me a log where you killed p.Hildifons. Oh baby baby.. I just wanted you to know.. (you don't have that log) ;)

2017/02/21 16:41, Britney:Rated: Awful 
Makes your playing less pussy... not.

2017/02/23 16:54, Drogtash:Rated: Average 
Log doesn't say if slab was broken. Breaking it, fair enough but why also break the other exit? Huge mana waste... And probably one of his quakes for canceled... The hobbit skipping that allowing him to enter earlier too. And the hobbit had rocks/consumables.

Boring with charm though.

2017/03/02 00:07, Telessar:  Rated: Good 
Drogtash: The rationale (I guess) for break is to avoid getting closed d stone with lithes hitting/bashing you. Though I think if you are confident in your own door abilities the break is a poor move just like you said.

2017/03/10 00:29, Brundeor:   
Sorry to chip in on the 'not notable log' mentality, you killed an exceptionally good player, however, by the look of if, he must have been frustrated of not getting any fights and taking anything he comes across, even if it ment his demise. Notable on the charge, else it was just meh.

2017/03/11 18:40, Razoor:edited 1x   
I agree with Telessar! Hobbit should have won this pretty easily. But kudos for trying none the less!

2017/10/28 13:29, Zorts: 
Wrong section


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