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When it doubt, button mash! (Pollux)back

2017/01/20 05:55, Durrin:Rated: Good 
Great job! Armies of the West Prevail!

2017/01/20 07:35, Zepir:  Rated: Awful 
cool log, wrong section IMO.

2017/01/20 08:17, Reich: 
Looking good bro!

2017/01/20 12:01, Vidgri:edited 1x  Rated: Superb 
start: #log mylogname.txt
stop: #log

and add settings to quake-key to disable xp-counter, it really helps with screen

2017/01/20 15:40, Saai:   
Nice job, I didn't expect those quakes. However, I should have probably fled the scene after 3 harms!

2017/01/20 18:45, Faine:Rated: Average 
Brief mode helps too.

2017/01/21 00:34, Bungo:Rated: Good 
Not even half bad. You managed to kill wimpiest of orcs i have ever seen on open. Good work!

2017/01/21 07:17, Soemanto:   
welcome back :)

2017/01/21 17:36, Telessar:  Rated: Good 
I'm gonna rate this good only because you're pking without brief. Impressive!

2017/01/21 19:54, Spe:   
I pk without briefs almost exclusively.

2017/01/22 18:35, Horus:Rated: Superb 
nice one! is harm making a comeback? :D

2017/01/23 13:57, Jeraziah:  Rated: Awful 
So MUME is so dead even torc scouts prac now slash they could hoard Hewer?

2017/01/23 16:11, Fhraax:   
I thought this was pretty great:
Fane narrates 'isn't sd always a trap?'

2017/01/23 22:17, Saai:   
Jeraziah, I carry a claymore to finish off bad/awful fleeing opponents. Pierce just takes too many hits.

2017/01/30 20:41, Azazello: 
Be a man - shhhhmite!

2017/01/31 10:17, Zorts: 
With slash part I agree with jeraziah, more beneficial is either ornate or smite.

Wrong section, gratz on kill.


 Superb Horus, Susu, Vidgri 
 Good Bungo, Durrin, Roadkill, Telessar 
 Average Dagor, Faine, Fieldy 
 Poor Baratheon, Kakao 
 Awful Jeraziah, Zepir 
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