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Telperion's lesson (Khamr)back

2016/10/17 14:41, Khamr:   
Sorry, wrong title, must be Telperien's Lesson (typo) Can we edit it?

2016/10/17 15:06, Telessar:  Rated: Superb 
Good log. Nice to see ya back here

2016/10/17 15:48, Vegas: 
Thanks for posting. Well played.

2016/10/17 16:23, Baratheon:Rated: Average 
Cool log. In the first fight You ==== F A I L E D ==== with your -- E A R T H Q U A K E !! -- plan. I was glad to see === Y O U F L E E === and teleport away. In the second fight, you used charmies well and were able to deal damage from ++++ A B O V E ++++ and ++++ B E L O W ++++

2016/10/17 17:13, Breaux: 
Good to have you back. Always enjoyed particularly ashep!

2016/10/17 18:18, Bungo:Rated: Good 
Well played.

2016/10/19 16:01, Torkild: 
The charmie-controlling was horrible :P Thanks for the log though.


 Superb Poppis, Sompret, Telessar 
 Good Bungo, Susu 
 Average Baratheon, Dreag, Khelak 
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