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Wind tells you 'u got quakes?' (Zimrathon)back

2016/10/14 16:30, Jabez:Rated: Average 
Fun log. Always entertaining to see something go wrong and still work out. Thanks for sharing.

2016/10/14 17:58, Wind:Rated: Good 
Thats the only kind of logs I'm in. You have been warned :)

2016/10/14 19:34, Baratheon:Rated: Average 
Rendtner was so pissed that you quaked Wind dead that he thought he would 1-up you.

2016/10/14 20:19, Khamr:Rated: Poor 
interesting, very fun

2016/10/15 07:51, Wind:Rated: Good 
I was 130 down to start with, but 2 quakes took me from fine to wounded...I knew it was game over for me then :P

2016/10/15 08:10, Torkild:Rated: Good 
Rendtner mvp

2016/10/15 11:21, Wind:Rated: Good 
That 5th quake you pulled off was not stored :)

2016/10/15 14:48, Rendtner:   
yap, my mistake. shrug. lesson learned.

2016/10/15 20:12, Belog:edited 2x  Rated: Good 
Rendtner's quake made me lol. No offence meant! Happens to all of us.

2016/10/16 01:12, Zepir:  Rated: Average 
Rendtner! You lived and died a glorious death no worries or matter here :)

2016/10/16 10:13, Drogtash:Rated: Good 
Haha, that was funny. That's a lesson you should've learned long ago.

2016/10/16 13:58, Glasya:  Rated: Good 
Entertaining without a doubt. Earthquakes fall and last man standing wins.

2016/10/17 03:25, Rendtner:   
well, they (group mate) laughed at me as well :)
and yeah, i was so pissed.. but hey, fun anyway. point taken :p


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 Average Baratheon, Jabez, Zepir 
 Poor Dagor, Khamr 
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