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Huge fuckup :/ (Wind)back

2016/09/29 17:29, Baratheon:Rated: Average 
How did that work!? Nice job

2016/09/29 17:47, Katar:  Rated: Good 
Mistakes from me- quickspells with nonfoci staff and instead of that spray i shoulda cured up bear. Was fun tho. That BN is my target list for gac, and later i did the same to Korp coz was naked.

Thnx for rush :)

2016/09/29 17:57, Wind: 
Was gaccing all over NOC today, us 3 orcs got fully gacced earlier in VT - Jabez even took pride in that :) ...we left your foci though, didn't know it wasn't focused tho :P

2016/09/29 23:03, Jabez: 
1. You weren't gacced. (containers/keyrings/coins were looted until it popped white at which point one of the bears wanted eq for man form) 2. It wasn't a matter of being 'proud'. I was trying to be nice and inform you it wasn't worth the possible mobrip to check your fairly cleaned corpses when you were yelling 'gac?'. I think I yelled 'mostly'. Nobody likes mobrips.

I walked out with a torc flask, a bsb, sleeves(spared immediately) a spear and mattock for coins. All but flask was looted POST white pop. You're just butthurt you got fucking spanked in there. I think we were all fine hps and you three died?

Fun log here btw. Incredible that you won after that shitshow.

2016/09/30 06:13, Britney:Rated: Good 
I've always chosen 1 extra hit due bash instead of shitty warrior cures... maybe thats why i've always sucked so much :D

2016/09/30 07:08, Wind:edited 1x   
I tried to cure between hits :P not sure it worked...:). We got spanked cos Snickisnaari went alone to 'scout'...until next time Jabez!

2016/09/30 09:50, Britney:Rated: Good 
Yes you tried and you landed 3 cures. Which was my point. Won you the fight as you ended up with 11 hps after that spray :P

2016/09/30 12:24, Breaux: 
that WAS a huge fuckup =) cute and fun, thanks

2016/09/30 14:51, Algroth: 
Oh noes you're on his gac list, watch out Djaqur!

2016/09/30 19:25, Katar:  edited 2x  Rated: Good 
Algroth you sure that you know how to read ? Or did i express my self wrong ? I ment Hit list aka kill him no mather what, beccause he gacced.

2016/10/02 01:59, Algroth: 
'That BN is my target list for gac, and later i did the same to Korp coz was naked.'

Sorry i'm unable to read minds to try and understand what you tried to say :) Being butthurt causes verbal diarrhea so i realize you might not have expressed it the way you wanted to.

2016/10/02 05:35, Katar:  Rated: Good 
butthurt, noo. Drunk, yes. EQ as puke is fuckin 10 minutes question, besides gleaming but that mathers not. Hence Thehulk allredy eat my staff or stuck it in hes arse :)

2016/10/02 09:29, Wind: 
Peace and love to everyone!

2016/10/03 13:17, Hummong:   
This explains everything, I thought Wind had emergency AFK situation there. Faster link decided the outcome this time.


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