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Little L14 Bear escapes level 100 BN! (Bromm)back

2016/08/27 00:25, Uber: 
*sigh* please don't judge all Canadians by Bromm, I suspect he's from out east (Montreal or *shudder* Maritimes) where they are a little strange in their own world :)

2016/08/27 00:29, Lens:Rated: Superb 
When I was new I posted log like this too to notables so I can't be too harsh.

2016/08/27 00:52, Baratheon:edited 1x  Rated: Awful 
Pretty sure my 1st log ever was me backstabbing an afk troll twice to bad (of course he would eat 2, works in xp) then trying to pierce him (still afk) to death and i went awful.

edit: cha brief at least :P

2016/08/27 01:10, Bungo:Rated: Average 
The BN is SCREAMING his commands! *Shudder*.

2016/08/27 02:26, Ava:   
but he is not new lens

2016/08/27 05:33, Samurai:   
Person seems special. Glad to gave you here in our little community friend!

2016/08/27 07:42, Rik:Rated: Average 
A log is a log till a better one comes along...

2016/08/27 09:47, Uber: 
Ehhh.. OK so, he claims to have played for 24 years, but following his profile link gets me to a char named Ratava, and this is the whois:

So, made it to hero level here on MUME. Heh. Started out on MUME III '92 but didn't like all the eat/drink/light stuff having come from LPmuds. Came back in '98 and got into it but only played for a summer. None of those chars survived. Then I think it was 2000 or the following century when I got into MUME again. Played quite a bit until about '06 whenI ragequit due to some dorcs PKing another char in tbad the second I logged in. This char was already level 20 then. And now I finally made it. Whee!

So mumed for 24 years? Eh, no. No heroes for 6 years? Something weird with that. Definitely from the Maritimes.

PS: I'm bored at work.

2016/08/27 22:07, Alkhazad:Rated: Superb 
Rofl, it looks as mine first log :D dont argue with him, it looks fenomenaly :D

2016/09/08 12:41, Naga: 
You know, I see a lot of old logs with the comment - put that beep on

Now only this remains, and a lot of logs people would want to read again are gone.


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