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Terrible Idea (Radar)back

2016/07/09 12:55, Torkild:Rated: Poor 
Get rock all. Wie sword. Except for that it was okay.

2016/07/09 16:43, Bungo:Rated: Superb 
Ballsy charge. Too bad Sirdar didn't live. :)

2016/07/10 06:18, Enforcer:Rated: Good 
Why werent you using your damage weapon against Erkhonk? Thought you bash and crush and all.

2016/07/10 08:20, Breaux:Rated: Good 
well done!

2016/07/10 10:23, Jessy:  Rated: Superb 
Nice fight :D

2016/07/11 09:19, Trigglypuff:  Rated: Good 
thats my boy

2016/07/11 16:10, Sirdar:Rated: Superb 
We were both in the mood to try something like this. I know sanc/quake isn't 'hard' especially for you really good players, but I was proud we pulled it off considering the Orcs involved are all good players. Cheers Radar, and grats on 50

2016/07/18 02:30, Vii:   
Nice! Way to spank those nasty orcs!


 Superb Baratheon, Bungo, Jessy, Susu 
 Good Breaux, Enforcer, Faine, Josie, Naga, Trigglypuff 
 Average Fieldy 
 Poor Torkild 
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